4 Good Reasons To Spend A Vacation in Chile

1995, Renaca, ValparaÌso Region, Chile --- New Year's Eve Celebration at the Beach --- Image by © Pablo Corral Vega/CORBIS

My uncle who works at Insulation Dyersburg. He loves travel and when i asked him about his traveling experience about Chile. He said that Chile is one of the most difficult travel destinations in the world. A long flight is needed to get to this country. And when you reach it, be prepared for another long road, this time by car. In fact, visit only one place in Chili is very unwise. This is why you should travel around the whole country on your next holiday.

See the glaciers, beaches, desert and volcanoes at a time

Chile is a country that has captured almost all the climatic zones of the Earth. In fact, it is a planet in miniature. Chile’s climate varies from tropical in the North to the moderate oceanic temperate in the South. While driving through the country, you can see the mountainous Atacama Desert (the driest place on the planet), icebergs in the Laguna San Rafael National Park, beaches of Iquique filled with surfers , and the grand Lake District with evergreen forests and snow-capped volcanoes.

Stay in the best city in South America

According to numerous ratings, Santiago de Chile is the most enjoyable, safest and dynamic metropolis in Latin America. And it’s true: Santiago has restaurants, nightlife, and architecture surrounded by the tops of the Alps. The capital of Chile is designed for every budget. Housing in the south regions of the Plaza Italy is cheaper than in the northern part of the city, while in the center it is not difficult to find a hotel apartment.

In Santiago, it is necessary to conquer the local mountains – San Cristobal and Santa Lucia that offer an incredible panorama. Take some time for a leisurely stroll with lunch on the terraces of small restaurants.

Fall in love with the Chilean wine

However, the most important discovery of travelers in this South American country is the local wine. It is said that the best varieties of Chilean wine manufacturers let themselves export only a small portion of upscale wines. The unique climate of Chile (in some areas of the country’s wine valleys do not concede their Californian “competitors”) allows growing many varieties of grapes – from Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir to Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. Today, in the country, there are fifty major wineries and lots of small wineries, which constantly arrange tours combined with wine tastings.

Make hundreds of pictures of penguins, flamingos, and guanacos

Animals that for tourists from other continents appear to be exotic, is a common phenomenon in Chili. Penguins inhabit vast colonies on the coasts of the national parks. For example, in the colony of Otway, not far from Punta Arenas in Patagonia, several thousands of Magellanic penguins live. In the early morning, the whole crowd is running to the sea to catch fish. On Magdalena Island, there are so many penguins that they resemble a large colony of ants. Along with that, you can watch birds, flamingos, and guanacos that do not hesitate the visitors.


Yosemite-640x426One of California’s most formidable natural landscapes, Yosemite National Park features nearly 1,200 square miles of sheer awe: towering waterfalls, millennia-old Sequoia trees, daunting cliff faces and some of the most unique rock formations in the United States. But despite its enormous size, most of the tourist activity takes place within a 7-square-mile area of Yosemite Valley. Here you’ll find the park’s most famous landmarks – Half Dome and El Capitan – as well as excellent hiking trails through the natural monuments.

Even inexperienced hikers can enjoy Yosemite: Guided tours and climbing lessons are available from local adventure outfitters. Just don’t expect to experience it by yourself. Like so many other American tourist destinations, crowds are the biggest obstacles to an enjoyable Yosemite vacation – at least 4 million people visit each year. But if you go at the right time (and start your day a little earlier than usual), Mother Nature’s wonders will reveal themselves to you in a miraculous and serene way. 

How to Save Money in Yosemite

Rough it – Camping in the park (which includes bringing your own tent, food and supplies) is the cheapest way to experience Yosemite.

Stay further away – If camping isn’t your thing, there are reasonably priced accommodations outside the park.

Take advantage of public transit – Yosemite’s bus service is extensive and free.

Yosemite’s food choices are mostly practical: Outside and within park ground you’ll find a series of small general stores that supply picnic and camping supplies, and a few lodges and snack bars that offer fairly standard fare like burgers, hot dogs and pre-packaged sandwiches. Those who relish fine dining in the heart of the American wilderness will find high-quality American fare at the Ahwahnee Dining Room, the Mountain Room Restaurant and the Wawona Dining Room, which are all located within the park and come highly recommended by travelers.

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka provides a range of options for visitors; it may be truly hard for you to fix on an itinerary. It is tempting to travel almost every location that it has to provide. Anyway, you could take your pick depending on your interests.


Colombo: The beautiful capital city of Sri Lanka is where you are going to land and while you are at it, you may want to take benefit of going around the city. You can also go to Negombo which is 35kms north of Colombo.


The cultural triangle: Of course, you don’t want to miss the cultural triangle, traditionally favored to as a Kings land. If you are particularly interested in history and culture you would want to visit Anuradhapura, which is a very old city dating back to the 3rd century BC.  The ruins of Polonnawura, cave temples in Dambulla, and the Sigriya Rock Fortress are must view in this place. The charming temple architecture and the remarkable status of Buddha will leave you fully mesmerized.


Galle: The drive to Galle from Colombo Airport takes about 2.5 hrs. The other choices are a bus or a train which would take longer. Spending an afternoon in Galle would be best for you to go to your next stop. Besides Galle, your top bet would be Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa, which are 2 beautiful beaches, which are twenty minutes apart from each other.

Horton Plains: The Horton Plains are placed in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It is famous for its visitor attraction is popularly called as World End which is cliff that stands at a height of four thousand feet. the Horton plains can be entranced from Nuwara Eliya. The Bakers fall is also a famous visitor attraction in this place.


Adams Peak: Also called as Sir Pada is a conical mountain, that stands tall. It has approximately six trails that you can venture on. It is advisable to see domestic guidance when selecting a trail.
Yala National Park: This Park is famous for its density of leopards. It has a range of other animals including Sri Lankan Elephants. Yala Park has safari choices and is a best treat for wildlife lovers. Now that you do have a list of locations you would like to visit. You could link a travel operator who could arrange your tour.  Getting a travel operator may help ease the stress of planning out the full trip.


​​​​Places To Visit Around Sydney

Sydney, Australia is one of the most wonderful cities in the globe and citizens of Sydney have voted it to the best ten places to live for several years now. The city is perfectly planned and has some amazing manmade structures and even perfect natural wonders.
Sydney is also well linked by several modes of transport like train, taxi, bus, monorail and broad ferry system. The city also improves one of the most variant and vibrant nightlife around the globe. The darling harbour area is not just a charming sight at night but will also an enjoyable experience for all palates types (you have Mongolian, Continental, Chinese, Indian, Italian and other restaurants). Sydney is also lined up with different pubs and some of the oldest pubs and bars in the globe.
Apart from City attractions you might want to see some locations around Sydney. Here is a little list of best places to visit around Sydney.


Heres some great spots recoomended by My family Dentist, He loves to visit Sydney.

Akuna Bay -A very charming scheduled bay, you can hire a home boat and float around for days around the bay or head into the pacific. If you are sea lover there are camping grounds near to the bay where you might want to stay.
Bondi to Cogee Walk – This is just a walking trail extremely close to the Sydney City. It is not only another trail walk, it will one of the amazing walks of your life. The full trail goes via cliff and coast. It is a domestic favorite.
Batemans Bay – Are you a fishing nut? This is the remarkable place in Australia for a fishing holiday. There are lots of things your family to do, so go to thing place and enjoy with your family.

White sand beaches around Sydney – This is a coast belt south of Sydney known as Shoal Haven area. These beaches have some of the whitest sand in the globe and they are some of the most charming beaches. There are several beaches in this place special in its own way (Hyamas Beach, Pebbly Beach, Jervis Bay, Cave Beach, 7 mile beach, etc).
Kangaroo Valley – Australia most charming valley with something to perform for everyone has amazing camping sites by the river. It has wild life aplenty and some of the top wineries.

Tumut – Another gem that is extremely much a secret, the remarkable place to stay in Tumut are in wood cabins by the Tumut River. They are also near to the Snowy Mountain range and provide affordable accommodation options.

What are the experiences, which can be enjoyed in Sydney a visit?

IMG_0863A trip to Australia can not be completed without visiting Sydney . It is the most largest and beautiful city of Australia, having iconic attractions. Some of them are  listed as under .

First of all , we are going to discuss is Sydney Opera House . The graceful and fascinating building has a shape just like shells, located on the land , surrounded by water . Just have a walking tour to opera House which will lead you to the history of this popular building Sydney Harbor Bridge or it is also as “Coathanger” by locals . A friend who do Bookkeeper (ing) National City told me that This bridge was constructed in 1932, connecting the north and south shores of harbor in a single curve, having height of 134m above the water . There are two railway lines and eight lanes for the road traffic along its length and direction of which can be changed awarding the burden of traffic An enhanced flow of traffic had encouraged its reconstruction in 1992 to handle flow of traffic . You can have an experience of view of blue water and fascinating scene of this beautiful bridge.

Well, Queen Victoria building is a very superb point of shopping , which is connected by Town Hall Station with help of underground arcades. It was built originally as a market hall between 1893 and 1898. This graceful building has a central dome, which is surrounded by 20 different.

Its mosaic floors and beautiful stained glass windows show a very fascinating view , even for those who do not come here for shopping.

Sydney Tower , is the tallest building of the city, having the height of 309m . The visitors can have sky walk through Express lifts to enjoy the view of Sydney. An offer here , is the 4D cinema, which can give you the overview of mayor icons of the city.

Sydney Beaches are one of the reasons of popularity of Sydney. Bondi Beach is very famous, having fintastic views of ocean . Other ocean beaches are as follows, Cronulla, Bronte, Tamarama and Maroubra. Manly is very fascinating sea side destination at  a distance of 30 minutes from the city, having a free ride.

Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

wheretogo2015italyportofinio-1272014-21939_panoramicIn this tough market, most people believe it’s next to impossible to travel unless they spend a lot of cash for it. In case you are one of people who would rather experience a little adventure without costing too much, you might want to have a look at these top 10 most affordable travel destinations for you and the complete family. My friend at http://www.hilltreekeepers.com gave me an advice that find new websites and fascinating culture as you embark on an exciting journey to these must see spots – even if you are on a tight budget.


Northeastern USA

Top 3 cities in the northeastern area of the US including Washington DC, Boston and New York are excellent spots to see for penny pinchers out there. The greatest way to cut costs on your own excursion is by taking advantage of several budget bus companies that can link one to various destinations like Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Toronto. For as low as $5 on a one way excursion to these destinations, traveling is really as affordable as it can get. Apart from the relaxing ride in these buses, you are able to enjoy browsing online during an extended trip because of the free wifi. So, just forget about renting an automobile, and only ride these low cost buses as you see other areas of the US.



As compared with other well-known destinations which can be loaded with nearly similar kinds of attractions (amusement parks, botanical gardens, shopping centers), Japan is a considerably more affordable alternative for thrifty travelers. If what you look for is excitement for example theme parks and ski runs, you then will get the best spot to see in Tokyo. What is more, there are budget accommodations that can satisfy your budget just great. In Tokyo, it is possible to locate charming guesthouses that can just set you back about $37 for an overnight stay.



Now could be the best time to see Portugal, especially the enchanting town of Porto. This cosy town boasts of its village-like plazas, seashores, and old fashioned buildings decked in beautiful azuelo tiles. For about $37 per night, you will get an adequate lodging for example hostels furnished with charming antiques.

Naive Questions of Novice Surfers


For those who have dreamed of surfing holidays for a long time, we’ve prepared answers to the most common questions of beginners. Thus, you will know what place for a vacation to choose and how to prepare for your trip. Below are some questions we discussed when were having dinner at thedenlavernia. check them out below:


Is it true that Bali is the best place in the world for surfing?

The best place for surfing does not exist – it is unique for everyone. Some people like to travel to Europe, others – to the US, and someone is constantly flying around the world in search of big waves. Bali – is a really good option for those who want to start surfing. Everything on this Indonesian island is literally breathing surfing: there are many surf shops, schools, and camping sites. But also, there are a lot of people in the water, on the shore, and you must be prepared for the fact that on the same wavelength is always a lot of surfers.

The main misconception of beginners is that they think once Bali has the best waves, so we will learn faster. The waves in Bali are really great, but none of the beginners will be able to evaluate the most famous spots of the island. To do this, you need to train for a long time.


What exercises would be useful to do before the surf holiday?

Preparation is necessary even to those who think that they are in a good shape. There are people who have learned to snowboard quickly and think they master the surf as easily. This is not true. Surfing – is a very energy-intensive sport . The most important thing is training – start to swim, not just swim in the pool, but train with an instructor who will teach you how to swim properly. Do not neglect cardio: enjoy a jogging or cycling. The second important point is stretching and flexibility. All the best surfers have excellent stretch and coordination.


Which surfboard should choose a beginner?

Professionals recommend learning to ride on long boards. On a short one, you will only slow down your progress and lose time. The formula is simple: the more experience, the shorter the board. Do not rush to buy the surfboard, it is much easier to rent it.


Is the school mandatory?

The self-study has a lot of cons and virtually no pros.. 99% of beginners who decided to save, as a result spending their money and wasting a precious vacation without gaining any skills. What they learn for a week, the school covers for one session. Progress is terribly slow, and no one explains your mistakes. It’s clear that after such torment many people give up surfing.


How not to lose the acquired skills at home?

Try to maintain your shape – swim, run, do stretching. And if you seriously hooked on surfing, do everything possible to get back to the beach. Thus, if you skip for six months, unfortunately, you will have to start training from the beginning.  

Amsterdam On a Budget: Short Guide

canalsThe maze of canals that entangle Amsterdam inspires everyone who has ever been in this wonderful city. However, you can not only make a trip along the hundreds of kilometers of canals, but also ride a bike, have a picnic in a park, or just wander around Amsterdam. One way or another, it does not leave you indifferent. And if you think that you cannot afford a trip to Amsterdam, then you are wrong. Let me share with you some information which was shared from a friend of mine when we were sitting at a roofing office in miami.

Free museums

There are not too many museums with an absolutely free entry in Amsterdam, but they are still there. One example is unique in its kind gallery of the city guard, which boasts an interesting collection of paintings. Gallery is a part of the Museum of Amsterdam, however, in contrast, it invites visitors for free.

You can also visit the Treasury, which is located in the City Archive and learn a lot of new information about the long history of Amsterdam. City Archive (Stadsarchief) was founded in 1862. For 150 years there was a huge collection of artifacts: about a million magazines and newspapers, more than 400,000 photographs, prints, drawings, and negatives.


Beguinage Courtyard (Begijnhof) is a unique medieval place of Amsterdam. Behind the fence, there are two churches, small houses, and gardens from the 14th century. To get into the time of kings, knights’ tournaments and Gothic, it is necessary to find a modest, inconspicuous door.

What do you think about a trip to a factory? And what about the jewelry factory? At Gassan Diamonds you will learn all about karats, color, clarity, cutting and mandrel of diamonds. At the end of the tour, the factory shop is waiting for you, where you can buy a finished product or order the exclusive one.

Wi-Fi Access

There is another reason to love Amsterdam, which is already one of the biggest cities on the planet. This is a free city Wi-Fi access. With the help of free application Instabridge, you will be able to find and automatically connect to all networks without passwords: from the network of your friends to the social networks in cafes and bars. The goal of Instabridge is to build 300 points of Internet access around Amsterdam. Also, free Wi-Fi can be found in the port.


The tariff for a metro trip is 2.8 Euros per ticket. It can be purchased as a single card, valid for one hour to travel by public transport, including any transfer. If you arrive in Amsterdam for a week or more, you can buy a city card, which also offers discounts for museums.  

Black Hills Of South Dakota

635542584146090263-1609615In the heartland of America is a place where bustling cities meet the wild frontier, and the wind-swept prairies blend with towering granite peaks and jagged spires. This place is South Dakota, the land of Great Faces and Great Places.

Home to treasures like Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Custer State Park, South Dakota holds adventure no matter what your age. Six national parks and monuments allow visitors to marvel at a larger-than-life sculpture at Mount Rushmore, hike through other-worldly terrain at Badlands National Park, and explore deep below the surface in two of the world’s longest caves.

South Dakota has a rich paleontological history that includes the finding of one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever discovered and the largest concentration of mammoth remains in the world, which are still being unearthed in the Black Hills. Hikers in Badlands National Park can periodically watch ongoing digs in what is considered one of the richest fossil beds in the United States.

Visitors can step back in time to the Wild West in Historic Deadwood. You can see where Wild Bill Hickok played his last hand of poker, visit the gravesites of Calamity Jane and other notable characters, and learn about the history of the gold rush in the area.

South Dakota is also abundant in water recreation. The Black Hills area is home to several lakes and streams, the Missouri River runs down the centre of the state, and north-eastern South Dakota is dotted with dozens of clear lakes. All of these bodies of water offer visitors the perfect opportunity for kayaking, fishing, boating and other water recreation.

South Dakota is home to the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota people, collectively known as the Great Sioux Nation. Several museums and cultural centres across the state depict the history and traditions of these nations as well as display ancient artefacts and modern artwork. Visitors may also experience this colourful culture at one of many powwows held across the state.

The early pioneers that conquered the prairies left a lasting legacy across South Dakota. Central South Dakota was the setting for the majority of the film, “Dances with Wolves,” which won seven Academy Awards. In her book series, “Little House on the Prairie,” author Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote of her life growing up in the town of De Smet. Four of her six books were written about her family’s adventures on the prairies of South Dakota. You can tour her childhood homestead and see the places that inspired her classic books and a television series.

Whatever the adventure visitors are looking for, they will find a wide variety in South Dakota.
live jazz in New Orleans

No city in North America can compete with New Orleans when it comes to culture, food, historic architecture, joie de vivre and tourism options.

The Crescent City has suffered plagues, wars, imperial regime changes and devastating floods. Yet, it always wakes up with a smile on its face. This may be because its inhabitants step to an easy beat first laid down three centuries ago. Moving at this relaxed pace, visitors are delighted by the French Creole elegance of the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) or the opulence discovered in a streetcar ride through the Garden District and Uptown.

Anytime of year find live music, amazing Creole and Cajun cuisine, fresh seafood, farmers markets, shopping, nightlife and more.  During Mardi Gras season, the city becomes the world’s center. Downtown transforms into an adult playground, while parades in residential areas provide children thrilling entertainment. Each spring, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival moves the focus to the charming Gentilly area and the Fair Grounds Race Course. But no matter the time of year, New Orleans’ calendar overflows in celebration.

New Orleans is a vibrant, bursting-at-the-seams melting pot of a city that famously inspires indulgence. This is the place to eat, drink, listen to jazz or R&B, take part in a parade, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Whether you come for Mardi Gras or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival or any other reason, a visit to this unique destination is never the same trip twice, but always memorable. Sugar-dusted beignets are a must, cocktail hour is anytime you want it, and the street musicians will have you dancing on the sidewalk.

Guadalupe River Cabin

The Guadalupe River is one of the best places in Texas to vacation, spend a weekend, or explore. And this page of Best Texas Travel has some of the best lodging, cabins, tree houses, and river front lodging on the Guadalupe River. So grab your swimming suite, sun tan lotion, cooler, fishing pole, and fun hat and head to the Guadalupe River and enjoy all it has to offer as well as these Guadalupe River lodging and accommodations.


How can you beat a Guadalupe River Cabin sitting on a small bluff just a small distance from the cool clear Guadalupe River? Better yet, cabins on Guadalupe river rents rafts, canoes, tubes, and kayaks for you to enjoy on the Guadalupe. Their shuttle service will take you upriver for a trip down the Guadalupe that ends in front of your cottage!

Best Texas Travel has a range of cottages that are a mixture of 2 bed efficiencies to three bedroom two story cottages with one and a half bathrooms, a kitchen with a full refrigerator, microwave, sink and oven with range top plus a private deck with a picnic table and charcoal BBQ grill.

If you would rather camp, Best Texas Travel also has campsites with electric and water and full hook-up RV sites. Plus there is a pool and country store with a little bit of everything at Best Texas Travel.Guadalupe River cabins are located in the Heart of the Texas Hill Country with easy access. We are just a quick drive from some of the finest sightseeing, hiking, golfing, rafting, biking, horseback riding, and restaurants in the Texas Hill Country. You will need more than a few days of camping at Guadalupe River cabins to experience everything the area has to offer!
You will find that Guadalupe River cabin has a relaxed family atmosphere where you can take a leisurely walk along the Guadalupe River, fish from its banks, swim in the river, relax in one of the many shady tree swings overlooking the river, or watch the deer feed in the meadow. Whether you bring your RV or stay in one of you luxurious cabins, you’re sure to have the time of your life at our resort.